We Are Not the Enemy


We have all done it, even me, that horrible, no good, very bad saying “I’m just looking”. I wish I had a dime for every time I have been told that. Let’s face it, furniture sales people rate somewhere between used car salesmen and the latest sell from home fad. But truthfully we are not the enemy! 

Let me explain. When we greet you, it is honestly just to welcome you to our beautiful showroom, if you will, our home away from home! We want to see you get the most from your visit. We understand that making a furniture purchase is a big deal, it’s not something that you do every day and it takes time, thought and planning. No matter what stage of the process you are in we are here to help guide you. So, when we ask you a few questions about your visit it is simply to guide you in the right direction.

We are always willing to let you browse on your own as well, but please give us a chance to share our knowledge.  Here at FurnitureLand we undergo continuous training on our many product lines, both existing and new. We are updated on changes, construction, options and all the things that we can do with each one. As one of the largest mattress providers on the Delmarva Peninsula we are also experts in helping you get your best night’s sleep ever. When you say “I will know it when I see it” you are setting yourself up for a long frustrating search in futility.   By describing what you envision we can often lead you to a vendor that will have a custom option that is just what you want. We can even drape your fabric choices and show you what the finished product will look like by using technology. Better still we may even have what you want right in our warehouse! Yup, that’s right, you see, we have well over a million dollars in inventory and not everything will fit on our showroom floor. In addition we can utilize our vast resource of catalogs to help find that perfect piece.

We are called Design Consultants for a reason. We don’t just sell you things. Believe it or not, we can have great ideas for decorating, color coordination, room layouts and even complimentary in home consultations. Many of us hold certifications in Interior  Decorating. We have a team mentality too, often working together to help you find an awesome solution for your room or offer ideas.

And then there is that dirty little word…price. Everyone has a budget or a price that they are willing to pay. We know our promotions, financing options and ways to assist you in getting the furniture you want and need and the best price possible. I know you are thinking “yeah right, best way to make the most money”, but really we do. The reason why is because we are just like you. Just like you we live here, play here and have our families here. Just like you we work at an honest job to provide for them. Just like you we have to watch our budgets. We would much rather make a good, fair sale than no sale. Plus we are really good at helping you get what you need and want and keep you within your budget. We like to be creative and lead you to a beautiful new room.

Of course, price matters and we have something for every budget. Exceptional deals with Barnes Buys and private labels help get you the most bang for your buck. Helping you find the right pieces at the right price takes training and experience. We can help with that, because the right piece for your home is not necessarily the most expensive.

So please, the next time you stop in, just take a few moments to chat with your Design Consultant and help us to help you make the most of your furniture or mattress search.


5 Things to Consider Before Creating Your New Living Room

The living room has become the heart of the home.  Often, it is the center of activity and the area in which we primarily connect with friends and family.  When considering how to re-invent this space, there are five things you MUST consider.

  1.  Space management is essential.  In a large showroom, furniture can appear smaller and look like it will fit your space.  A cluttered room of large oversized beautiful furniture will still look clumsy and poorly planned.  Tape out the footprint of the furniture on the floor with painter’s tape to clearly visualize how the room will feel with new furniture.
  2. Allow plenty of room in the budget for accessories.  Often, we think that furniture alone will make a room.  In reality, we need accessories to tell the story of the home, and ultimately create our desired environment.  Don’t settle when it comes to accessorizing.  Make the space drip with fashion that represents your theme for the space.
  3. Ban the beige!  Stop settling for tired tan and safe beige.  Gray is the the new neutral.  Soft linens and whites are also on trend.  These colors are still neutral enough to be timeless and never look outdated.  Bring in bold color with accent pillows, throws, rugs, and accent walls (paint).  These things can be changed more easily and are less expensive than replacing the entire sofa or core pieces of furniture.
  4. Choose a retailer with room planning software.  In order to help visualize a space, especially a space that is under construction room planning software can really help to inform your decision making and space planning.
  5. Consider the BIG question.  Is the purpose of the space more for comfort or more for fashion.  Reclining furniture for example is very comfortable, but may not offer the fashion of non-reclining furniture.  Trisha Yearwood’s new hybrid series, however, combines the function of reclining with the fashion of stationary upholstery.  In the local Delmarva area, FurnitureLand is the only source for such a product.

Designing your new living room is a very exciting project.  Take the advice above and enjoy the process.

STOP! Don’t buy a mattress with GEL MEMORY FOAM without reading this first!

Pictured: Platinum Ice (left) and Black Ice (right).

There it is again.  That buzz word that is being tossed around when it comes to buying a new mattress… GEL!  Is it really going to make my bed more comfortable?  Can it really make the mattress cooler?  If you ask most poorly trained “bedding specialists” at the chain stores, that is what you will likely hear.  What is the truth about Gel?  Consider the following…

  1. Gel is meant for more SUPPORT than for COOLING… Think in terms of Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts.  They are not made of gel to somehow keep our feet cold.  The gel that is used in shoe insoles is there for support!  While yes, a liquid can be a conductor of energy (heat is energy and gel is a liquid), gel is the LEAST effective substance available to help with heat dissipation.  Gel is better than a mattress with no gel at all or a traditional mattress, but offers the minimum impact compared to the newest technology in mattress heat dissipation.
  2. Instead of Gel, consider a Simmons Beautyrest product that contains PLATINUM ICE or BLACK ICE. These materials use an open cell memory foam know as AIR COOL foam that allows for incredible breathing.  This foam is then infused with micro-diamond particles that are actually cool to the touch.  And yes, to answer your question, the term diamond is an honest term, as these are true, synthetic diamond particles designed to emulate the best properties of the precious stone. So far, these advanced materials are showing a minimum of 100% more heat dissipation than Gel.  This technology is only available in Beautyrest products by Simmons, specifically, the Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid, and the Beautyrest Black.
  3. Phase change materials are also superior to gel. These can be found in Simmons mattresses as well as Tempur-Pedic mattresses, most notably the BREEZE SERIES.  The origin of this technology actually comes from the lining of an astronaut’s suit.  This material is so advanced that it reacts to the temperature applied to it to either deliver a cooling sensation or in the case of someone who sleeps a little cold, as an insulator.  For those who truly sleep hot, this technology offers more relief than anything in the marketplace.  The effects are so strong that you can lay on a mattress with phase change materials fully clothed with jeans, a sweat shirt, etc. and you can still feel the cooling come through your clothing from the mattress.  It is truly unbelievable.

In closing, please note that as recommended before, choosing to buy a mattress is a big decision that should not be taken lightly.  We recommend a local furniture store (never a chain or big box retailer) with a track record of being in business for a minimum of ten years.  The point being that their values of honesty and integrity are self evident, as no retailer can survive in that business without those values.  FurnitureLand in Delmar has been around since 1991.  They also carry all of the technology and mattresses referenced in this article.  In fact, they sell more Beautyrest (by Simmons) mattresses than all of the chain stores in their region combined!

You will never buy furniture the same way AGAIN!


You walk into a local furniture store or big box retailer.  Immediately, one of two scenarios plays out… You are either “attacked” by some pushy sales guy who is oblivious to the fact that he is both annoying and a little scary OR you walk into a store, walk around for tens of minutes or even an hour, actually see some things you like, and no one is around or even seems interested in waiting on you.  Sadly, in both scenarios, we often leave frustrated and without solving the problem that prompted our visit to the furniture store in the first place.  Can’t there just be a store whose “sales people,” are sincere, honest, and 100% committed to making our homes more comfortable and more beautiful?

FurnitureLand in Delmar, DE does things differently.  They have Design Consultants, not sales people.  Their consultants seek FIRST to understand the true needs of each client, and then to assist (at a level determined by the client) with helping to satisfy their needs for a more comfortable, functional and fashionable space.  There is even a beautiful, large entry area (over 50,000’) that changes every month, where customers have time to browse and decompress prior to ever being greeted.  The goal being to never make a customer feel “pounced on,” or surprised.

In addition to the design consultant approach and atmosphere, FurnitureLand is among the NATION’S TOP INNOVATORS when it comes to technology integration in the home furnishings business.  Sales are entered on iPads by each Design Consultant for a smooth, easy check out process.  In addition, deliveries can be tracked in real time through the FurnitureLand website to give an up to the minute picture of when the delivery will arrive to the customer’s home.  Photos of the drivers are also available along with their names.

Their commitment to innovation and technology has also led to THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO IN FURNITURE BUYING since the invention of the sofa!  For years, customers have gone into furniture stores, and have seen exactly what they wanted, only to be told they would need to wait weeks or months to get it delivered.  At FurnitureLand, anything you see is guaranteed to be 100% in stock and delivered the same day you buy (6 days per week).  No one on Delmarva offers this service, and very few furniture retailers in the nation have the ability to offer such a high level of service to their customers.  This service is available for nearly 100% of the Delmarva Peninsula including Dover, DE and all of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia resort areas.

In closing, the difference is clear.  Design Consultants who care about relationships more than transactions offer a superior shopping experience.  Technology allows for information and transactions to move seamlessly and accurately, leading to a better overall customer experience.  100% in stock availability and same day delivery means that FurnitureLand customers GET WHAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY WANT IT! Stop by our showroom in Delmar, DE today!

14 things to consider when buying a new dining room


Whether you dream of dazzling dinner parties or cozy family get-together s, your new dining set will play a major role. The great news is that there is a style out there for everyone. But with so many choices, there are certain considerations you should keep in mind.

Estimating Needs
The first step you should take before you shop for any kind of furniture is to measure the room it will be placed in. The dimensions of a dining room should inform not only the size of the table, but the general shape as well. A dining table doesn’t have to be rectangular. The shape of a table can change the overall impression of the room size. There are great expandable options in round and square tables as well. To get an even better idea of how the space can be laid out, use our online room planner. That way you can tryout round, oval, square, and rectangular tables to see what will fit best in the room before you go shopping.

Here are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when planning your dining room:

  • Diners need 18″ to 24″ of space away from the table to sit down and pull their chairs up to the table.
  • Diners should have 24″ to 30″ of space at the table to dine comfortably without bumping elbows with their neighbor.
  • There should be four to five feet of space between the table and the wall to allow the host to easily move through the room and be able to serve the guests.

How many for dinner?
The number of diners you expect to seat affects the kind of table you get. It’s easy to get extra bodies around a pedestal table, but beware that a pedestal table can become wobbly and prone to tip when extended with multiple leaves. Round or rectangular tables with four legs can make it hard to pull up an extra chair.

A table with a leaf is a great way to expand your dining area. If you have the space, you might want to consider keeping the leaf in the table full time. A leaf in storage will not age the same as the rest of the table. Coloration may change or the leaf may warp if stored vertically, instead of horizontally, or if it is kept in a damp environment. Leaves are usually not an option with glass-topped tables. Butterfly leaves have become a popular option in recent years because they store the leaf right under the top of the table. It is important to try out the leaf mechanism when you are shopping. It should open and lock into place smoothly and easily without force. Drop leaf tables can allow you to place a table right against a wall for day to day use. You can pull them out from the wall and extend the leaf when you need to seat more people. A variation of the drop leaf table, gate-leg tables include a leg that swings out to support the leaf.

Flip top tables are another great option for expanding seating. A flip top table is distinguished by a table top that is doubled over on itself. As it is unfolded it is either rotated or shifted on the table base for support. In the folded state they can be used as console tables in the dining room, or behind a sofa in the living room as a sofa table.

Similar to the flip top table, a tilt top table can be positioned near a wall with the table top tilted to a vertical position. When needed the table is moved away from the wall and the table top is laid horizontal.

Dining room furniture is commonly sold in five piece sets. Occasionally retailers will run promotions that include two arm chairs as well. You should buy at least two more chairs than you think you will need. Holiday entertaining and family gatherings can send you scrambling for seating to accommodate everyone. If you buy the extra chairs at the outset you can be sure that they fit with the table. The extra chairs can always be used as accents chairs in other rooms when you are not entertaining.

Mixing and Matching
Eclectic looks are very popular these days, but there are several things you should think about when purchasing tables and chairs separately:

Will it fit?
If you are buying chairs to match a table in your home measure the distance from the floor to the table apron to calculate if a chair will fit. (The table apron is a rail that runs between the legs to support the table top.) If you are buying a table to match chairs in your home, measure from the floor to the seat of the chair and add eight inches to figure out how much space you need under the apron. This will ensure that a person sitting in the chair can actually get their legs under the table. Chairs with arms are another consideration. If you have a tight space, then you will probably want the arm chair to tuck all the way under the table, therefore you will want to make sure that the arm will fit under the apron, but be careful. If the chair arms regularly make contact with the table apron, the finish may be marred. When considering arm chairs, also look at the distance between the table legs and the distance between the arms of the chair to ensure they will fit together easily.

Take a Seat
Sit in the chair for some time; don’t go from one to the other too quickly. You will want your guests to linger over dinner conversation, so make sure that the chair is comfortable for a longer period of time. It should be wide enough for your guests to be comfortable. The chair should support the back and allow you to keep your feet on the floor.

Chairs should not be rickety or wobble. If the chair has a padded seat, the corners should be reinforced with screwed-in (not glued) corner blocks. Padded seats should be removable so that the cover can be changed. Fabric covered chairs may not be appealing if you have young children who are messy eaters. Leather is a great option for quick cleanup, as is stain resistant microfiber upholstery. Slip covers on Parson’s chairs are another easily cleaned option for the dining room.

Dining tables come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. Whatever the style tables should not be rickety or wobble. Leg tables should have screwed-in corner blocks. Glass-topped tables should come with silicone pads that go between the glass and the base to keep the glass from getting scratched.

Pub-height or counter-height tables have become very popular in recent years. While they have a youthful image, counter height tables are a great option for older people who have trouble getting up and down from low dining room chairs. If your kitchen or dining room has a window with a great view, a pub height table is a great way to enjoy. The higher seating can allow for unobstructed sight lines. The higher levels of these table tops also make them a great additional work surface in a kitchen with limited counter space. Keep in mind though; a pub height table may require you to raise your dining room chandelier.

When you purchase your dining table, you might want to check into table pads as well. Table pads are often felt-covered on the back side and vinyl on the top surface. They are usually covered over with a table cloth when used. The pads protect the table top from hot dishes and moisture and can significantly prolong the life of your dining set.

Whether or not you opt for table pads, consider a protection plan like Protection First. Furniture that’s worth buying is worth protecting and such a plan can help you take care of your investment so that little mishaps don’t result in a major eyesore.

Now that you have tables and chairs you should consider storage and display for your dining room. Features such as interior cabinet lights, outlets for plugging in crock pots and extendable serving areas make entertaining easy and attractive. Below is a list of different storage pieces that you may want to add to your dining room.

Curio Cabinet
This cabinet is a free standing display case that has a glass front and sides without any enclosed cabinet space. Many styles include interior lights, glass shelves and mirrored backs.

China Cabinet
These cabinets are normally part display and part storage. The top half of the china cabinet resembles a curio cabinet and possibly contains a railing to allow you to display plates, while the bottom contains cabinets for the storage of other commonly used items.

Buffets are storage pieces, very often a cupboard or “dresser” of sorts to store serving dishes and platters. The upper surface is used as a service area. A frequent addition to a buffet, a hutch can provide both display and storage, leaving room for food service as well.

A sideboard is a table with a wide drawer in the center that is flanked by drawers and cupboards on the sides and is used for storing serving dishes and platters as well as for serving food.

A server is a shallow table with drawers. It is a surface to put food before it is placed on the table. Unlike the sideboard, a server does not have cabinets.


Windsor chairs are a style of chair that features turned spindles along the back, turned and angled legs, turned stretchers between the legs, and a carved saddle seat. The chairs were named because they origination in the town of Windsor England.

Arrow back chairs are a variant of the Windsor chair. The back spindles resemble arrows. They are cylindrical both ends but are flattened in the middle to resemble arrows.

Slat back chairs have backs that contain at least one, possibly several, wide, flat, vertical supports.

Ladder back chairs are chairs that feature horizontal supports in the upper section of the chair, often resembling a ladder.

Parsons is a tall dining room chair with an upholstered, rectangular back and seat.


Pedestal Table
This type of table usually has a round top with a single center support rather than four legs. It has become very popular recently because of the strong profile.

Leg Table
A leg table is a more traditional table featuring 4 legs but it is also harder to fit in additional people because of those legs.

Trestle Table
This table consists of two sets of legs that are connected by a horizontal beam. These tables are often good in dining spaces that are longer instead of square.

Drop Leaf Table
A table with hinged leaves that are unfolded for table extension.

Gate Leg Table
A variety of drop-leaf table in which the extended leaf is supported by a leg that folds into the base when the leaf is not in use.

Flip Top Table
A flip top table is distinguished by a table top that can be doubled over on itself. As it is unfolded it is either rotated or shifted on the table base for support.

Tilt Top Table
A top that can be tilted vertically to store against a wall.

Thinking of buying furniture? You want to read this NOW!


Here’s where to start when you don’t know where or how to begin shopping for furniture. Whether you are looking for a new sofa, dinner table, bed, or mattress, our helpful guides explain how they are made and what you should look for to get the best quality and value. You can even print out our helpful checklists to take along on your shopping trip.

We all know the cliché of the great aunt who wraps her furniture in plastic to keep it “nice.” It is possible to live in your living room without taking extreme measures to shield your furniture. Learn how to protect your investments with our Furniture Care guides.

What’s the difference between a French dovetail and an English dovetail? Or the difference between a tuxedo arm and a Lawson arm? Our glossary of Furniture Terms defines over 80 words and phrases to help you understand what you are buying.

Check out the link below for one of the most comprehensive sources for furniture and mattress information:


Consider this before EVER buying your next mattress!

BRB16_Room_01     For years, we have been told to sleep on flat, white rectangles.  We have been indoctrinated to believe that foam enhancements such as cooling open cell memory foam, gel, and phase change materials are the best innovations when it comes to mattress technology.  We have even recently been told about HYBRID mattress technology that combine gel infused memory foam and pocketed coils.  While all of these are terrific new features for mattresses, they may not be the MOST IMPORTANT THING…

Consider this; more than 7 out of 10 people (over 70%) reading this right now are side sleepers.  Before you reject the remainder of this content, please note that we will deal with the other third of people in a moment, so please stay engaged in this article.  Notice the posture of a side sleeper is a little bent over; hunched at the hips with the legs slightly bent, etc.  In most cases, very similar to the fetal position that we all enjoyed while being carried by our mothers many years ago.  Clearly based on the amount of people who default to this posture, this must be the healthiest posture for sleeping right?  Wrong!  How could it ever be healthy to put the largest amount of weight and pressure on the narrowest portion of our body?  That arm that ends up under the side sleeper’s pillow falls asleep and leads to tossing and turning every night! While many of you do not wake up, you ALWAYS LEAVE R.E.M. sleep or level 5 sleep every time you move around to deal with the discomfort.

Level 5 sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) is where true emotional and cognitive restoration takes place.  Without enough level 5 sleep we become different people.  Our bodies crave cheap sources of energy including bad foods like fries, burgers, soda, etc.  We do not treat others as well as they should be treated.  We are not engaged at work and do not deliver on our full potential.  In short, not getting enough level 5 sleep steals your life!

So, what do we do about it?  One of the most overlooked innovations in sleep is the POWER BASE.  Most people think of an “old person’s” adjustable base, when it reality, this technology is impacting sleep in far greater ways than any innovation EVER in mattress technology.  Think back to the posture of the side sleeper.  Now, think about this footage you have seen on TV of astronauts in a space station.  In the absence of pressure and gravity, no one sleeps in a straight line.  No one sleeps flat or without contour to their spine and legs.  Despite this obvious observation, we have all believed that sleeping on a flat rectangle was the best option for deep, restoring sleep.  In reality, we would all do well to adopt a sleeping posture known as ZERO GRAVITY where the head is slightly elevated along with the feet.  In doing so, we basically adopt the posture of a side sleeper but do so on our back.  A tremendous amount of research has shown that folks who sleep in the zero gravity position remain asleep an average of 30 minutes longer and fall asleep an average of fifteen minutes sooner!  In addition, folks sleeping in zero gravity enjoy fewer interruptions to their REM sleep cycle and as a result wake up with a healthier, happier disposition and experience true mental, cognitive and emotional restoration.

In closing, this isn’t you grandparent’s adjustable bed.  Choosing a foundation for a mattress that allows you to elevate your head and feet, and then retraining yourself to learn to become a back sleeper will totally transform your sleep and health for the better.  Benefits including circulatory efficiency, better management of sleep apnea, reduced snoring, improved muscle recovery, improved sinus drainage, and holistic management of acid reflux are all examples of some of the other ADDED benefits of choosing a power foundation.  To learn more about these benefits and more, choose a store with folks who truly know sleep and care about truly educating customers on improving sleep and life overall.  FurnitureLand in Delmar has a “Dream Team,” who is obsessed with sleep.  Feel free to stop by any time just to get an opinion and fresh perspective on how to improve your sleep and in turn enhance your life!